Where i’m at

I have been overly busy with Bachelor’s in Disability (bid) since the year started. I have a team that is filled with passion for the cause. The issue is that i Do not know how to run an organization or how much setup takes. And i am spending more time on this project than my business Studio461; which is not the way it should be. I started working 6-10 hrs 6 days a week.

You may want to say ‘welcome to being an adult Tim.’ however i need to realize that with a Disability everything takes more effort. Drains my energy quicker. The reality is that i need more rest than most. The sooner i realize that the better off i will be.

Yes, i have already postponed our main content twice. Of course i am worried about loosing followers if we delay much long. We have a lot of internal things to fix. However this spring marks 3 years since someone first gave me the idea. And the last three months have seen probably 50% of the actual progress of it. I Do not want to bill this as a religious project but i firmly believe that that says God wants this to happen.

I may not be able to say when. But i know i need help so i have enlisted my dad’s help. There’s still a ton to do but hopefully we will find ways to do it with less stress.


I Finally Launched My Project

The last few weeks…last month really. Has been a whirlwind of excitement. I got a team together to launch Bachelor’s in Disability; the project I’ve been working on for 2.5yrs. God allowed the converting work to slow down during this process.

For those who have not heard yet: “Bachelor’s in Disability’s purpose is to Educate Employers, as well as, the general public on the proper treatment of people who have disabilities. We will do this by providing engaging/entertaining “lessons” through articles and brief videos; shared through social media.”

We are starting out by collecting question that people like you have about disabilities. Through an anonymous form on our website we seek the questions that are, normally too embarrassing for people to ask. You can find out more at: https://www.bachelorsindisability.org/. Please use the social links on the site to help us spread the word. Questions will be answered via videos and blogs, by people throughout the disabled community; beginning January 3rd, 2022.

This project has also shown me that, like it or not, I need to become a writer… papers almost made me quit college, almost, every semester. If it was not for my dad, I would not have made it through one paper… I have joined a Word-Weavers writing group for people with disabilities, lead by a long-time friend. We just had our first meeting on Thursday. I am super excited for where this might lead.

A lot going on as we move into the Holidays.

Kicking Off Year the Magical Way

What a vacation. We started in Disney. But first did the SeaWorld waterpark. Fun park. Great for little kids. Doesn’t beat universals  if you’re older.

Hollywood studios was great. We got into star wars. Dad did it right at 7am and we still had to wait til 330 4 to Do it but worth it. Other star wars ride amazing. Actually felt like you walking in the falcon. Tower of terror was my other favorite.

Magic kingdom was great. Did all the classics. Dwarfs and space mountain are my favorite. The most impressive part were the fireworks. They keep saying videos Do not Do it justice and that is so unbelievably TRUe. Also as only to adult guys can Do we ate dinner in the castle. And naturally our conversation was about the food. We are a steak family. That steal was easily in the top 5 i ever had. Extremely tender.

We were meeting friends  for a baseball game so we only spent a half day at animal kingdom. Which was perfect. It is probably a combo of covid and school but the max line was 55min rarely over 35min.  

That night we stayed near the Yankees park after the game. Next day sat, had breakfast w McCabe the old school nurse at np. Then we drove to Naples to visit  our family friends Chris Sarah and shayla. After being at park 4days, 2 being back to back opening-closing , it was nice to have a few days to relax before going back.

In Naples we did an airboat tour went to the church where Chris is a pastor meet Trent the senior pastor i keep hearing mention of saw some pickle ball and  watched some football. Besides spending quality time with them and playing with shayla who is 18months, my favorite thing was the beach. We spent our an hour in water. Water perfect for me.  Tiny waves but basically a lake which is better for me than jersey. I Do not Do well with waves. Dad and i played catch. Not a bad way to spend a Monday morning. Definitely will need to plan a beach day next time we come down.

So i cant post this until i get home simply cause i lost my blog email so keep that in mind
s i write this final part.

It is Tuesday and as you may guess we head home today. I’m definitely not looking forward to having to work tomorrow. I got a new phone the week before i left and decided not to add email to it until after my trip so i’ll have 8 days of emails to go through.

Back to…Disney???

My posts are getting farther and farther apart. And I did say at the beginning that I wasn’t a writer. But I may be forcing myself into one (Stay tuned…)

It’s been a wild summer. End of June saw the start of another mini converting craze; including  two from the town’s schools. One person wanted an edited pecie for their wedding. Besides all that, I started to help out on a project for ADA31. In the middle of that we went to Joni and Friends, the camp we help at every  year. I take video up there so it’s not quite a vacation for me. When I got back, I had to make the tough decision to pull out of the ADA31 edit, due to stress.

My parents went away for a few days and then we went to Boston for a couple days. Saw a long Sox game with my cousin and dad. Between work, a weird schedule and a hot/humid summer I’ve been dealing with a stress headache.

One good thing is that, I head to Disney on Monday. A full week in Florida to start the year. Star Wars and visiting friends. I may go away a lot, but  it’s been a few years since I’ve done a full week.

Time for a Reset

Before I start with my ‘resetting’  here’s a studio461 update: in past 3wks 7-8 people have come knocking, producing 5-6 new jobs. (backlog) I have one edit even.

My reset is with my project Bachelor’s in Disability. My Board asked point blank ‘what is this project about?’ I found myself unable to answer that. So I am taking the summer to peel back all the ideals that have been absorbed by it, to find what my core message is. I’m coming up with good ideas that I believe will take it in the right direction. However my  Board will be first to know what it is.

13 June, 2021 12:26

Driving backl from visiting my bro in dc. We went to a nationals game. Felt great to back at a game. Saw a double new rule in affect. 1. Our game was the sec of a doubleheader, so it was suppose to be 7 innings but no score.. 2. The 8th brought the new extras rule wher you start with a runner on 2nd. (nationals lost)
Summer is already shape up to be exciting summer. Bachelor’s in disability is taking A break other than one project for an organizat.

It’s Getting Exciting!

Returned from Tucson again. In fact this post should have gone out while I was there, but my laptop is an Apple…Apple is a great phone but their computers SUCK (don’tby into thier game… & i say that as a filmmakeer…). anyway, tucson. it’’s (was) the hottest i’ve ever been down here. bike by 7am back by 10. stay inside til after dinner. i’ve tried the lazy afternoon  swim twice NOPE. so  this afternoon (Fri may 7th) is(was) games/tv. However it’s probably something i owe myself…(is not fun)
studio461  is slowly quieting down; though  my grandma is  drumming up stuff here. actually  brought my slide converter this time cause people wanted to barrow it. i still have a backlog since i was so busy  before.
The real news is with my Bachelor’s in Disability project. in March,  we finally agreed on our description (who we are, what we want to do….). I think that big hurtle got us going.. we have a first client that the Board will use as a  sort of  test before we branch out
it also appears that the editing gig I was on last june/july may be happening again.
so, lots of exciting things on the  verge of happening. this is a great trip to just relax beforeit all.

A Database & A Wedding

Hey all. It’s been a bit. I finally have a morning to relax. There’s a ton happening this winter. February was buried in snow. I did not bike besides in Tucson the entire month.

Besides fun in the snow, I decided to tackle a different kind of project… to keep track of my clients, I download a ms Access database template bak in 2012. Getting it to fit Studio461 was hard. It has never been ideal. And over the years I’ve tried to replace it. Talking with friends of friends and pros that want thousands of $s to redo it (sadly, it is a total redo from scratch.
As the first storm came, I had a 65 tape project, aka, a ton of time free while tapes were uploading, I was really trying to find someone to finally redo the database. With the time on my hands, I decided to try to redo it myself. I may have hit some snags as I started with elements that I wanted to change. However not as frustrating as I thought. It turned out to be a lifesaver in February. It was a different type of project that got me excited.
But now that I’m back to smaller projects, have two pcs working now (long ‘fun’ story), able to bike again, and can now see how much more efficient it will make me, I want it done. I hit a snag again this week that I have a friend of a high school teacher looking at. Most of the hard part should be done.

One of my best buddies from high school got marryd in Austin last Saturday (I’ve tested negative). Now would you have been caught dead at a high school friends wedding with your parents??? With the CP that gets tricky. All the people going who are still in town were groomsmen (really Eddie?). I knew someone, whose pretty much a brother and had stayed with me before, in Houston.
For those without CP, air travel can’t be solved as easily as your elderly grandpa. We basically lose what independence we do have. Meaning we need help during the flight too. So, because Eddie left a person off the list (just busting chops), I went down with a groomsmen. The thing about that is having to be there a day early with a 4hr delay in Newark, getting you in at 2am. That flight had it all… All in all, it was a great weekend. Saw a lot of high school friends.

I’m still very busy. And very glad It’s spring

Escaping winter

Anyone who reads my blog knows that there’s one place i go to escape jersey’s cold weather. That’s right. I’m back in Tucson.got here Wednesday leave Monday. (can’t take off too long with all the orders that continue to keep coming)

Thursday we did a 20mi ride. Mind you its flatter herd.probably did11 today. Now just laying by the pool.

Snow Time Calls for Bike Measures

Long time no taik. And it will take that long for mother nature to realize we actually like global-warming this time of year.  NJ is buried under probably 35+” by now; with no end  in sight. I’ve  made a snow cave that is all ice now. Gone sledding that is  now to hard to walk up w/ worrying about twisting an ankle because of where we walked before being solid 5” lower than current depth. I found a solution. But let’s come inside for a break.

Indoors January was slowER. Still had plenty of backlog for February hit and the new orders seemed to pick up. The most exciting thing is that I had some time to dable in remaking my client database and starting from scratch will take a while. But isn’t as difficult as I thought. An activity that will speed up production eventually, force me to learn a new skill, and break up the ‘routine’.

Ok break over. So what does a cycler do when he  can’t street bike for  a month before another trip to bike Mecca? He buys a bike trainer for his actual bike. Ordered it Friday, came yesterday. I’ve used it twice. I just use my gears to adjust the resistance. Hopefully, I can sell my excerise  bike now.