5 August, 2018 17:18

Live from the pool.

So this was the most tiring week of Joni and friends to date. They barley said hello before giving me something to do. Don’t worry. I enjoyed it. They had enough help this year to give me a helper which was nice for my parents. While it was tiring it may have been the most memorable. I saw to of the most active campers in years past really melow out. It’s incredible.

Got two people wanting converting while i was gone. One has a deadline of Aug 22. The other want some editing done by thanksgiving. I’m not judging anyone but it’s been almost dead for two months and i get two the week i’m gone Shout out to my assistant Ashley who keeps am eye on the fb page when i’m gone.

Note for the weekend: it is a little weird how many kids 1/4 my age seem to grow up know me by name in this town even though i don’t think i’ve net Them. 5 kids at the pool have said hi tim this weekend alone. Unfortuneatly i’m not the best at hiding the ‘and you are’ face.