Boy i have been busy. For Studio461 i have now ordered everything i need for the street fair. Tomorrow, my friend and I are going to put up flyers.

For the bike, I’m finally riding again. Flipped again due to uneven brakes… Now have 10lbs of rice in the back to keep that wheel down. Fun.

CP, yes i finally have something for it, Prof. Libov (my film prof.) contacted “Cerebral Palsy of Northern Jersey” about my film. They want to use it for training. At a small viewing where someone asked me to speak to their class about how you can have CP and go to college.

In addition, the film is in an online contest. This contest runs 30 days and depends on your votes. The winning film gets in to their main festival.

Here’s how:

1. Go to
2. Scroll down and click on “In My Eyes”
3. Sign up (you can use your Facebook account)
3. Watch (at least) until you see the VOTE button
4. VOTE!!!

You can vote once a day until 11/13/18.