9 January, 2019 08:53

Yesterday was our last day skiing.

Since fri the family has been on our annual CO ski vacation. This was a terrific year. Out here it appears kids get 2 weeks off at christmas(what…). Even though it’s our 5th year coming after new years, it’s first time pass the peak. Nice and quite.
I was able to ‘drop the bowl’ as they say. Starts above treeline at 12000ft and is very steep. I experienced skiing in winds so high that only a few lifts were open; most lifts here dont start at the base. I did some awesome tree skiing and got on a Ski Bike for the first time in a few years; my balance seems to of improved.
This was a Great trip stress wise because i was just barely able to complete taking notes on my family’s interviews for my documentary before we came. Now it’s time to head back to Jersey an start a new year of work and biking afress.