22 January, 2019 18:34

Been two week since I posted. Feels longer…

I’m going to paint a word pic. You have your converting business heating up and a documentary on yourself. You just came off what was maybe your most relaxing vacation ever. Your still in a happy daze when you go to check 6 days of emails. Gut says there wil be something there, probably more converting projects. You aren’t prepared at all for the bombshell that awaits you…

I found out that my film got into The Garden State Film Festival. Lots went through my head. What do they need? Who do i tell? Marketing/PR? … Spent next week driving myself nuts over that. Luckily my co-producer is handling contact with the cast and crew. And i found a PR person a few days ago.

This is good because it appears that people have gotten their converting projects in order over the break. I’ve probably had 6 or 7 people, at least contact me in the 2wks i’ve been back.

That leaves the documentary…yeah… (sorry, ran out of room)