8 February, 2019 18:25

So much to write about where to begin…
After 5days of not going out unless i had to we had a day were i biked in a t.shirt an sweats. In an 8day stretch i pulled a 9.2 avg twice. Typical: 8.7. Yes i’ve discovered a better way to motivate myself.

This whole film festival thing has been why i haven’t posted in awhile. Long story but basically, they don’t teach it in film school and i was too quick to react… I found out that my partner on the film is just as excited as me (if not more) about the festival. So he’s willing to help, and one of our co-producer who’s also excited is able to help. Saves time and money to keep it inside the film family.

That leaves the documentary. My interview is now translated. And i’ve now got a few topics of interest. Hopefully with the festival stuff on 3 of our shoulders, i can now begin to find the story.