7 April, 2019 18:22

Where do i even begin? Mar 25th to 31 was such a rollercoaster ride that it has taken this long to feel normal again plus i was sick. We had so many new experience that it is impossible to know what to share. Wednesday’s festival was very low-key. Most notable thing was that i took an Uber by myself. Stil worth it.

Garden State…different story. Brian and i went down thursday for a meet the filmmakers gathering. We saw what type of people, and films where at it and thought, how did our film ever get in? SFriday’s opening film was in a stage theater built early 1900s. Yes i experienced old style cinema. But the movie ‘The Bird Catcher’ was out of this world.
The entire festival was a learning experience. Art school doesn’t teach the business side. I learn so much i wish i knew 2 years ago. That said I wouldn’t have been there without learning how to make a film at FDU.

Weather starting to break. I made it around the swamp for first time in few weeks yesterday.