7 May, 2019 10:19

For once let me go in blog title order.

Cycling: with the weather getting nicer i’ve begun to get back on track. Swamp 3 days a week. Mostly 2hrs 15min for a 9mph avg. Yesterday i pull a 2hrs 10min for a 9.4mph avg. Don’t know how i did that. Need to work on going around town on off days and going in the morning more.

Film: still need a PR person. Also have been made aware of why i’ve had many miscommunications… Since I’m a slow typer i use a lot of shorthand, which can come off as rude when people don’t me well enough to know how slow i type.

CP: so my parents are away a normally my 2nd mom stays with me. However, she has been gone, so her son has been here. Explaining how connected our families are would be a post itself, but it’s like hanging Out with my brother basically. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING JOSH!