7 July, 2019 12:42

Been on vacation since a week ago friday. Driving last leg today. That’s right, road trip.
Started with Monticello and seeing my old pt and family. Then what should have been a 3.5hrs drive to my aunt and uncle turned into 9.5hrs+ because a moving truck caught fire. …At least i can cross walking on the highway off my bucket list… After two nights w my aunt where we went ziplining and heard more than my share of dad jokes, we drove to asheville via the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The Blue Ridge Parkway is a slow mountain route but is very scenic with a ton of waterfalls to HIKE to. We estimate that i HIKED at least 1.5mi …Found that i do more when it’s actual hiking… My favorite day of trip.
In asheville we stayed at the biltmore. Which a vanderbilt estate. The biggest and 2nd most visit house in the US. We also did a food tour, trolley tour, and visit an Eco village that i am suppose to edit a documentary about. On our drive to Richmond i was able to watch season 3 of Stranger