17 September, 2019 16:47

Oh my goodness, last week was such a great week career-wise.
On monday i got a fb pm request from someone who wanted me to the final edit for a movie that she did for a 72 hour film challenge. Even after telling her my limitations she was still willing to work with me. She came out to bring me the footage saturday.
Wednesday i got an email from someone i asked about interviewing for my new film project. It proved to be quite the ah-ha moment. She had written all her answers written and her disability isn’t physical. Thus proving, A. This can be done in a survey form, and B this idea does not only cover physically disabled.

Lot to do now. Solution, develop an i-help-you,-you-help-me relationship with the person I’m editing for and i have someone to create a surveymonkey.
If you or someone you know has a disability and went to/could of gone to college, please comment below. I’d love to get them the link to the survey when it’s ready.