24 October, 2019 16:37

Can someone explain to me how halloween is already a week away? At this rate it’ll be christmas in 3 weeks.

What to say what to say… Been sorta not feeling good for pass week. Still functional, but slower. Got one of those pressure headaches. Started as sore throat. Never became a cold and sinuses seem to be clear. Got prescription that they didn’t want me to fill till today. Was hoping not to need to use it. Looks like i need to.

In other new people are starting to fill out the survey for my movie and slowly but surely trends are starting to appear; and I’m not even comparing them yet.
Cycling had been improving to the where the swamp gave me a 9.9mph average one day and i was starting to get back in a … …until I got sick.

Another ? Why did the yankees have to torture us all by tying it up (at midnight) and then pitch to Altuve?