30 November, 2019 13:09

I have some updates about my new film and finally doing some swamp rides again. However that, you’ll have to wait for that.
This is Thanksgiv weekend. It’s all about the 3 F’s. Family, Food coma, and Football. Froze my tail off to see a pretty entertaining end to my towns thanksgiv game. Then the Cowboys kept my hopes of the Giants making the playoffs.
Then there’s today… College Football rivalry week. I’m a huge college Football fan and huge fan of College GameDay on ESPN. Fall saturdays starts at 9am with GameDay. My dad went to Michigan. Ohio State is not going to win this year.

On a totally different subject, i caved. I signed up for Disney + yesterday. Already caught up on The Mandalorian. But i watched a Marvel clip from comic-con where they revealed all the new Marvel series for Disney +. Plus all the Movies come with the DVD Extras.