5 March, 2020 09:19

I start this post in a quieter Newark airport than normal. Dad came up to my room friday, where i had been watching movies since 330, and said “want to go to FL next week?” Was he kidding? I need to escape this weather. I’m getting antsy and starting to regularly begin my tv watching by 4-430; not to mention that waking up around 9 on weekdays is becoming too common.

We are going to be staying at Universal. Same resort as a few years ago. Going to their Waterpark which is my current favorate due to it, anything but lazy, river. I also hope to ride the Incrible Hulk coaster. It was under renovation last time. Plus a spring training game, with a friend that I Skype every other week that is bound to make someone jealous…

Today’s agenda includes laps around the resort’s lazy river, as I completely forget my age, and maybe some mini-golf or other evening activity.

In terms of my film, i managed to finish my 1st impression notes from the data. I still have a long way to go though.