What i’m grateful for

Merry Christmas and happy new year. This has been a Christmas like no other. And hopefully it will stay that way. However there was still a ton to be grateful for.

I was fortunate to have enough Christmas work to keep Me focused but not overwhelmed. I have continued to bike when i can. I was off for a week because of the snow storm though.

My brother was too nervous to come home this year. But we are just on our way home from meeting him half way for a gift exchange.

I have also been watching so many Christmas movies.. I am so tired of the doom and gloom that i started watching hallmark movies. Yes. A28 year old single male..who went to school for film. However, i also live with my parents, cant drive,and on to many meds to drink. (bad joke?)

At least the converting business will still be plenty busy after new years. And for that along with movies to watch i am extremely great for during this pandemic.