Snow Time Calls for Bike Measures

Long time no taik. And it will take that long for mother nature to realize we actually like global-warming this time of year.  NJ is buried under probably 35+” by now; with no end  in sight. I’ve  made a snow cave that is all ice now. Gone sledding that is  now to hard to walk up w/ worrying about twisting an ankle because of where we walked before being solid 5” lower than current depth. I found a solution. But let’s come inside for a break.

Indoors January was slowER. Still had plenty of backlog for February hit and the new orders seemed to pick up. The most exciting thing is that I had some time to dable in remaking my client database and starting from scratch will take a while. But isn’t as difficult as I thought. An activity that will speed up production eventually, force me to learn a new skill, and break up the ‘routine’.

Ok break over. So what does a cycler do when he  can’t street bike for  a month before another trip to bike Mecca? He buys a bike trainer for his actual bike. Ordered it Friday, came yesterday. I’ve used it twice. I just use my gears to adjust the resistance. Hopefully, I can sell my excerise  bike now.