A Database & A Wedding

Hey all. It’s been a bit. I finally have a morning to relax. There’s a ton happening this winter. February was buried in snow. I did not bike besides in Tucson the entire month.

Besides fun in the snow, I decided to tackle a different kind of project… to keep track of my clients, I download a ms Access database template bak in 2012. Getting it to fit Studio461 was hard. It has never been ideal. And over the years I’ve tried to replace it. Talking with friends of friends and pros that want thousands of $s to redo it (sadly, it is a total redo from scratch.
As the first storm came, I had a 65 tape project, aka, a ton of time free while tapes were uploading, I was really trying to find someone to finally redo the database. With the time on my hands, I decided to try to redo it myself. I may have hit some snags as I started with elements that I wanted to change. However not as frustrating as I thought. It turned out to be a lifesaver in February. It was a different type of project that got me excited.
But now that I’m back to smaller projects, have two pcs working now (long ‘fun’ story), able to bike again, and can now see how much more efficient it will make me, I want it done. I hit a snag again this week that I have a friend of a high school teacher looking at. Most of the hard part should be done.

One of my best buddies from high school got marryd in Austin last Saturday (I’ve tested negative). Now would you have been caught dead at a high school friends wedding with your parents??? With the CP that gets tricky. All the people going who are still in town were groomsmen (really Eddie?). I knew someone, whose pretty much a brother and had stayed with me before, in Houston.
For those without CP, air travel can’t be solved as easily as your elderly grandpa. We basically lose what independence we do have. Meaning we need help during the flight too. So, because Eddie left a person off the list (just busting chops), I went down with a groomsmen. The thing about that is having to be there a day early with a 4hr delay in Newark, getting you in at 2am. That flight had it all… All in all, it was a great weekend. Saw a lot of high school friends.

I’m still very busy. And very glad It’s spring