It’s Getting Exciting!

Returned from Tucson again. In fact this post should have gone out while I was there, but my laptop is an Apple…Apple is a great phone but their computers SUCK (don’tby into thier game… & i say that as a filmmakeer…). anyway, tucson. it’’s (was) the hottest i’ve ever been down here. bike by 7am back by 10. stay inside til after dinner. i’ve tried the lazy afternoon  swim twice NOPE. so  this afternoon (Fri may 7th) is(was) games/tv. However it’s probably something i owe myself…(is not fun)
studio461  is slowly quieting down; though  my grandma is  drumming up stuff here. actually  brought my slide converter this time cause people wanted to barrow it. i still have a backlog since i was so busy  before.
The real news is with my Bachelor’s in Disability project. in March,  we finally agreed on our description (who we are, what we want to do….). I think that big hurtle got us going.. we have a first client that the Board will use as a  sort of  test before we branch out
it also appears that the editing gig I was on last june/july may be happening again.
so, lots of exciting things on the  verge of happening. this is a great trip to just relax beforeit all.