Where i’m at

I have been overly busy with Bachelor’s in Disability (bid) since the year started. I have a team that is filled with passion for the cause. The issue is that i Do not know how to run an organization or how much setup takes. And i am spending more time on this project than my business Studio461; which is not the way it should be. I started working 6-10 hrs 6 days a week.

You may want to say ‘welcome to being an adult Tim.’ however i need to realize that with a Disability everything takes more effort. Drains my energy quicker. The reality is that i need more rest than most. The sooner i realize that the better off i will be.

Yes, i have already postponed our main content twice. Of course i am worried about loosing followers if we delay much long. We have a lot of internal things to fix. However this spring marks 3 years since someone first gave me the idea. And the last three months have seen probably 50% of the actual progress of it. I Do not want to bill this as a religious project but i firmly believe that that says God wants this to happen.

I may not be able to say when. But i know i need help so i have enlisted my dad’s help. There’s still a ton to do but hopefully we will find ways to do it with less stress.