New Years Reflection

Merry Christmas. Been so much happenin since i last posted. The Covid conversion craze ended in May. Ending 2 full years of continuous work. So i decided to do some street fairs. At the first i noticed many booths had a game capturing an audience. So I created a game for my second fair. I had people try guessing what order different video formats came out. I had people continuously playing it, and talking to me about my business, for 5hrs. took me and hour to eat a sandwich. Business is picking up again. The ‘Holiday Rush’ was not that bad this year. I do seem to have quite a few people already saying they’ll be back/get order in after new years.

Bachelor’s in Disability (Bid) is gaining momentum. We now have team and Board meetings regularly and we have seen an increase blog submissions since we started offering $15 per blog. We have a number of new ideas that we are hoping to start introducing in the new year; including plans to update our intro video. As you could imagine, all this costs money. We are a registered non-profit. If anybody would consider making a donation, it would be much appreciated. Please go to: to donate. I know that there is worry about a coming recession. One of the options is to set it up so that Amazon donates on your behalf every time you order something. This doesn’t cost you a cent. You just have to remember to go to when you shop Amazon.

I’d like to get something off my chest that I’ve struggled with for over half my life. A good number of you know that I already struggle with depression and anxiety. However, I have struggled with a desire to wear a tie to church forever. I’ve done it a few times. However most of the time I have been scared to. Along with this has come a desire to dress up every day. I’ve done this for a few years. But this year I’ve added tucking in my shirt. And you know what…I like it. When I dress up it feeds easier to get stuff done. But something happens when I’m going to go out with the guys. I freeze. Untuck my shirt or put on a t-shirt.
Thankfully I do see a psychologist and we talk about this often. I wasn’t going to let this out however my thought are plead by thinking about kids in suits and ties; which I HATE (the thoughts). I recently realized that I always consider them as being forced to wear them, in order to keep myself from wearing them. I know deep down that this is all in my head. But, MAN is it strong.
My hope in finally sharing it is that I would finally defeat this long-lasting demon.
For those who are in my F3 group, feel free to keep nagging me if I’m not in one at church.

F3 is a new outdoor men’s fitness group that is open to any boy/man. Our new pastor got the town’s chapter going. However it is in no way associated with a religion. It’s quickly become a trusted community for me. Workouts are hard core so I do modify when needed.. I use my old trike; which we keep at the pool (pool managers are part of group, they get the bike). We rotate who leads. They’re making the Saturday workouts more doable for me. (not as many breaks now as I use to get) And we go year round. Rain/shine… this is the type of thing that I’ve been missing for awhile .

Have a happy new year everybody!!!