My name is Tim Doran. I am from New Jersey. Simply put: I’m cyclist and a filmmaker with a physical disability (CP). I started this blog on Facebook in September 2017 as a way to share some things I do and why I do them. However, I had some friends that weren’t on Facebook, plus there wasn’t a way to post via SMS; something I needed to be able to do since I can’t work with touch screens.

This blog is a combination of the two things that make up who I am along with a reason people find it interesting.



First and foremost, I am a cyclist. I’ve been riding around my town for years now and they all know me for it, because I ride a trike; due to my CP. When I was in middle school I decide my goal was to ride across the county. Once high school was over, I switched to mornings and got a recumbent trike. I plateaued at 10mi a day throughout my college years. After college, I really got serious. I quickly got to 20mi a day. This blog picks up during the first winter after college…yes, I ride year-round. I’m doing 20mi four days a week and at a 8.5mph average…



Second, I am filmmaker. I got a Bachelors degree in Film and Animation with a concentration in Post-Production from the terrific film school at Fairleigh Dickinson University (btw, I’m not paid to say that). It may have taken me 7yrs to get through college, but believe me, it was worth it and I needed that time to fully mature.

At the time of this post, I am almost done with post-production of my senior thesis, which I want to enter in to some festivals. I am starting to do some freelance edited, which is probably where I will stay; due to my CP. However, I mainly run a small video converting and editing business (mostly converting right now). I convert home videos to digital/DVD. I try to keep my blog from being used for promoting my business. However, if you are interested, my business is called Studio461 and the website is:

I also work from home.


and CP

Third, I was born Cerebral Palsy, commonly referred to as CP. CP affects people very differently. I have friends that are wheelchair bound that can feed themselves, write, and are perfectly understandable. Whereas I never even owned a wheelchair, however I can’t feed myself for the most part, I can’t write and I need to repeat myself often when I talk.  The way I describe my disability is that I can do everything but the basic life functions.

I was mainstreamed with a full time aide and about 98% of my friends were typical.  I bike because I like it and because I can’t drive so it is a form of independence.  While having CP is what makes my story unique you will not see a lot of posts about my disability.