12 July, 2020 15:50

Live from the town pool which reached the may limit soon after arrived.

so where have i’ve been? I just had the busiest month of work since dog6i my thesis. I was on an edit for a celebration of 30yrs of the ADA. It was them hardest and most fun gig ever. I world with an all disabled group. From all over the country.

I still have a long backlog of converting orders. Current list will take until Sept October…and more keep coming. And I’ve also host my film project that i’ve got to get back to people on. So yeah… Universal was tooLong ago.

23 May, 2020 11:29

I haven’t posted since before everything happened. I started with some increase in anxiety and maybe little depression. As most of you know i’ve responded to Facebook’s attitude issue by creating TIM’S CORONA POSITIVITY CHALLENGE. The support has been remarkable.

Screen eye strain is a big issue for me right now. Converting is busier than ever and the film project is accelerating…

That’s all for now…eye strain.

9 March, 2020 14:50

Ok. Other than the fact that it was 10degrees cooler than we’d hoped (jeans and sweatshirt to the park, heated water saved the Waterpark) it was a perfect trip. I think we were just happy to escape Jersey. I talked to a lot of other people from up north who were there for that same reason.
For anyone going to Universal, “Hagrid’s magical flying motorcycles” is now THE ride at universal. Worth a 2hr+ wait. We also saw the Blue Man Group…no tp 😥

Ready to start working fuller days again. I here we are warmer at home and sun stayingu up an extra hour. Now I’m going to … 1st class

8 March, 2020 14:11

At Yankees spring training with Joan Borton and Mr. Wise Guys.

5 March, 2020 09:19

I start this post in a quieter Newark airport than normal. Dad came up to my room friday, where i had been watching movies since 330, and said “want to go to FL next week?” Was he kidding? I need to escape this weather. I’m getting antsy and starting to regularly begin my tv watching by 4-430; not to mention that waking up around 9 on weekdays is becoming too common.

We are going to be staying at Universal. Same resort as a few years ago. Going to their Waterpark which is my current favorate due to it, anything but lazy, river. I also hope to ride the Incrible Hulk coaster. It was under renovation last time. Plus a spring training game, with a friend that I Skype every other week that is bound to make someone jealous…

Today’s agenda includes laps around the resort’s lazy river, as I completely forget my age, and maybe some mini-golf or other evening activity.

In terms of my film, i managed to finish my 1st impression notes from the data. I still have a long way to go though.

16 February, 2020 17:12

It’s the dead of winter. I’m getting more and more excited about my new film project. I finally found someone to help with a behind the scenes documentary on the planning for the larger film. This has forced me to write down some concret ideas for both. I am at the point where I need to consider getting a grant or raising money. On my business side, I got the mother of all projects right now.

Even with all this i winter is starting to get to me. Rain rain and more rain. This was the first decent day in a while. Yet, it’s back to netflix.

25 January, 2020 17:17

Just finished 2nd week of this alternating days between converting and work thing. First week was difficult to separate. On monday, i sorta realized how strict I have to be. Interestingly it may also help me to keep that work off of weekends…

The film is becoming an interesting puzzle…doing data analysis when you went to art school is like being the poor guy in Hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy. Thank goodness for mentors.

I did bike yesterday for the first time in a week. Tried going out wednesday? Lasted 13min in the 16degree weather. Temperature supposily measures warmth…yet we use fahrenheit?

8 January, 2020 13:06

At Denver Airport about to head home from my annual ski trip. As usual, great trip to use as a RESET for the new year. We had another great trip. Went out with a bang yesterday. Did some 360s, some jumps and some trees. For disabled people of all ages i highly recommed the National sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, CO.
So while i was there i asked if the could distribute my form for BA in Disabled. They said yes. I just need to email it to the guy i talked to.
Starting next week i am going to begin alternating days working on Studio461 and BA in Disabled as much as possible. Don’t worry, when a due date is involved, that will take priority. Hopefully i will find a system that works.

23 December, 2019 19:07

Ho Ho Ho. This will be the first time in many years we will be with relatives all day on actual Christmas Day which is pretty cool.

It’s been a very interesting holiday season. I started last week coasting. Tuesday i got a form from someone who had what ended up be 25 tapes. ‘I understand if you can’t, but is it possible to do these by Christmas?… Actually wasn’t too bad. I personally don’t like the idea of a ‘rush’ project hanging over the break.

I’ve been getting ou on my bike more regularly. Did santa twice. Have gone around swamp a few times. And 2 flats.

I also heard back from the national organization on Disabilities and have set up a time to interview someone. This is part of my research for BA in Disable. More on the start of Phase 2 later.

4 December, 2019 13:16

Doorbell rings at 2pm on Monday. Dad answers. 13 year old neighbor, “can tim come sled?” dad turns to me i say, “i’d love to but I need to work… After dad closes the door i say, “I hate snow December.” ¿¿I have already have work for Christmas coming in. The good news is that at least not everyone is waiting until the very last minute to submit orders. Although, I suspect a few last minute orders… by the way things are looking. Which is fitting with Murphy’s law. ¿¿I talked to someone about my new film idea last week and got a whole bunch of new ideas…. I guess that will have to wait until the new year. I just hope this snow doesn’t keep my biking in the garage much longer or things might get VERY interesting! As for my next post, I should probably say “Merry Christmas” now…