Snow Time Calls for Bike Measures

Long time no taik. And it will take that long for mother nature to realize we actually like global-warming this time of year.  NJ is buried under probably 35+” by now; with no end  in sight. I’ve  made a snow cave that is all ice now. Gone sledding that is  now to hard to walk up w/ worrying about twisting an ankle because of where we walked before being solid 5” lower than current depth. I found a solution. But let’s come inside for a break.

Indoors January was slowER. Still had plenty of backlog for February hit and the new orders seemed to pick up. The most exciting thing is that I had some time to dable in remaking my client database and starting from scratch will take a while. But isn’t as difficult as I thought. An activity that will speed up production eventually, force me to learn a new skill, and break up the ‘routine’.

Ok break over. So what does a cycler do when he  can’t street bike for  a month before another trip to bike Mecca? He buys a bike trainer for his actual bike. Ordered it Friday, came yesterday. I’ve used it twice. I just use my gears to adjust the resistance. Hopefully, I can sell my excerise  bike now.


What i’m grateful for

Merry Christmas and happy new year. This has been a Christmas like no other. And hopefully it will stay that way. However there was still a ton to be grateful for.

I was fortunate to have enough Christmas work to keep Me focused but not overwhelmed. I have continued to bike when i can. I was off for a week because of the snow storm though.

My brother was too nervous to come home this year. But we are just on our way home from meeting him half way for a gift exchange.

I have also been watching so many Christmas movies.. I am so tired of the doom and gloom that i started watching hallmark movies. Yes. A28 year old single male..who went to school for film. However, i also live with my parents, cant drive,and on to many meds to drink. (bad joke?)

At least the converting business will still be plenty busy after new years. And for that along with movies to watch i am extremely great for during this pandemic.

The ‘trip’ before the storm (part 2)

Its the last day of vacation. Actually i’m on the plane heading back, which i do not usually count. However with this holiday/busy season shaping up to be my busiest i’m counting every day i’m not at my computer. Still grateful Dor the work. But with Covid i do not get out as much as usual so the week long vacation was terrific. Just to see people other than my folks for a long time was enough.

I biked 3 times. We swam; under the stars. Some games…

So i may a while until my next post.

The deer of the desert

We all were talking to my uncle from the back patio when javelinas started coming around the side of the house; around dusk Sunday. They stopped around the bird seed that mygrandpa pours on the ground each morning. And they just kept coming. We counted13 at one point. My grandparents have been there 34years and they even have never seen that many; captive ether. And yes these wild pigs smelled.

They were not spooked even when mom came down the spiral stairs that leads to the roof deck. One even came within a couple feet of Me to check out my walker. Dad labeled him the teenager of the group.

It was pretty remarkable.

Desert storm

Thursday, i biked then laid IN the pool for 3hrs. Friday we got my grandparents on a zipline.
terday was the first time i biked IN the rain…IN Tucson. We went out IN the wind and it actually felt good. The best time to ride is the eerie time before a storm we felt several drops. It was stead for all of 5min. About 9-10miles.

The ‘trip’ before the storm

The last 40ish days have followed this format: bike work movie. I try not to work on weekends. Which is becoming harder. 4.5 weeks ago i introduced holiday pricing for clients who want things done for… 3.5 weeks ago i realized that converting is now a full time job. So i began the process of temporarily handing BACHELOR’S IN DISABILITY to a good friend. 3 weeks ago i had a issue with my converting software that took two weeks to solve.

I am lucky to be spending a full week at grandma’s, cause this holiday season is shaping up to be one heck of a storm.

Finally! A Vacation

I am on my way to NH for my first vacation since this entire pandemic started. And boy do i need it. I continue to have a backlog of converting work and my BACHELOR’S IN DISABILITY project continues to move forward. I am extremely ready to create a ‘board of directors’ to help with some major decisions.

I am starting to bike the swamp again now. I am so glad that they finally repaved the other half of the swamp. They probably hadn’t done IN 25 years. The first half was done a year ago. To give you an idea, going from new pavement to ancient pavement is like going from smooth stuff to sand paper.

Anyway, 4 days IN the mountains with a pool and little cell service sound ideal.

Flipping Out over the new flip-phone

I got a new phone. The thing that makes this amazing is that flip-phones have finally recognized that it is not 2007 anymore. (cue “the hallelujah chorus)

My new phone will finally allow me to receive/send emails. No longer limited to being on my computer to get or type them. Faster to type on my phone. That said, the transition to pr edictive typing from T9 will some getting use to.

Also, sending a post from an email will hopefully allow me to title them now.

12 July, 2020 15:50

Live from the town pool which reached the may limit soon after arrived.

so where have i’ve been? I just had the busiest month of work since dog6i my thesis. I was on an edit for a celebration of 30yrs of the ADA. It was them hardest and most fun gig ever. I world with an all disabled group. From all over the country.

I still have a long backlog of converting orders. Current list will take until Sept October…and more keep coming. And I’ve also host my film project that i’ve got to get back to people on. So yeah… Universal was tooLong ago.

23 May, 2020 11:29

I haven’t posted since before everything happened. I started with some increase in anxiety and maybe little depression. As most of you know i’ve responded to Facebook’s attitude issue by creating TIM’S CORONA POSITIVITY CHALLENGE. The support has been remarkable.

Screen eye strain is a big issue for me right now. Converting is busier than ever and the film project is accelerating…

That’s all for now…eye strain.