4 December, 2019 13:16

Doorbell rings at 2pm on Monday. Dad answers. 13 year old neighbor, “can tim come sled?” dad turns to me i say, “i’d love to but I need to work… After dad closes the door i say, “I hate snow December.” ¿¿I have already have work for Christmas coming in. The good news is that at least not everyone is waiting until the very last minute to submit orders. Although, I suspect a few last minute orders… by the way things are looking. Which is fitting with Murphy’s law. ¿¿I talked to someone about my new film idea last week and got a whole bunch of new ideas…. I guess that will have to wait until the new year. I just hope this snow doesn’t keep my biking in the garage much longer or things might get VERY interesting! As for my next post, I should probably say “Merry Christmas” now…

30 November, 2019 13:09

I have some updates about my new film and finally doing some swamp rides again. However that, you’ll have to wait for that.
This is Thanksgiv weekend. It’s all about the 3 F’s. Family, Food coma, and Football. Froze my tail off to see a pretty entertaining end to my towns thanksgiv game. Then the Cowboys kept my hopes of the Giants making the playoffs.
Then there’s today… College Football rivalry week. I’m a huge college Football fan and huge fan of College GameDay on ESPN. Fall saturdays starts at 9am with GameDay. My dad went to Michigan. Ohio State is not going to win this year.

On a totally different subject, i caved. I signed up for Disney + yesterday. Already caught up on The Mandalorian. But i watched a Marvel clip from comic-con where they revealed all the new Marvel series for Disney +. Plus all the Movies come with the DVD Extras.

15 November, 2019 14:55

My life has been controlled chaos since my uncle’s passing. On my way up to Boston for the service.

Business wise, i have had 2people drop things off this, and 3 others mention it. I’m still not done with previous projects.
Just found out In My Eyes got into 2 more festivals, one of which is in early dec. And i finally set up a time thanksgiving week to talk to someone who works to help the people that my new film would be about.

This is the start of my busy season. And so far, I welcome it… The loss has me in a vulnerable…

6 November, 2019 11:23

Pet therapy anyone? (10wks) Plus Christian background music.

5 November, 2019 14:20

Uncle died last wed. Perfectly healthy. Just collapsed after swimming his morning laps.

This is my first day back in normal life… First tough day for me. Please pray for me.

I ask for you Not to bother my mom… She is fine…it was dad’s side. Do NOT call them, please.

2 November, 2019 17:05

Doing something besides biking. Arizona football game.

24 October, 2019 16:37

Can someone explain to me how halloween is already a week away? At this rate it’ll be christmas in 3 weeks.

What to say what to say… Been sorta not feeling good for pass week. Still functional, but slower. Got one of those pressure headaches. Started as sore throat. Never became a cold and sinuses seem to be clear. Got prescription that they didn’t want me to fill till today. Was hoping not to need to use it. Looks like i need to.

In other new people are starting to fill out the survey for my movie and slowly but surely trends are starting to appear; and I’m not even comparing them yet.
Cycling had been improving to the where the swamp gave me a 9.9mph average one day and i was starting to get back in a … …until I got sick.

Another ? Why did the yankees have to torture us all by tying it up (at midnight) and then pitch to Altuve?