6 August, 2019 15:33

Last week actually turned to be a great week despite not having my scooter. They had extra helpers so i got one which was great. My 8yr old Gopro was acting up towards the begining of the week. So my helper Bill started doing some on his iphone. This allowed for a much more relaxed week up there than i’ve had since being a camper. Hung out with old friends, went to bed at a early time a couple night and found myself in the middle of an epic pool noodle war. Best video yet. Thinking i may do some changes next year based on how well it went.

Otherthan a couple days in Boston next week my summer adventures are done. Studio461 is going to be a major aug focus. Along with talking to some more people about disabilities after college.

28 July, 2019 13:18

I’ve been going to the same family camp for a good 15yrs. I’ve been the camp video guy for at least 8yrs. My scooter makes it possible for me to get pretty much everything’s.
However it got taken to a shop friday. (i wont say why because that would be dad bashing, and i don’t ever do that) Anyway was to late to rent one. So this will be interesting. I will have help this year and it may get my creative juices flowing.

26 July, 2019 17:20

Man, that summer heat is getting me to hate summer time (those who know me well know that i love pools. So to say i hate summer time is new territory). It take me 3 or 4 times the effort to do everything so i sweat very easily. And now that I’m working somewhat I’m not at the pool all the time. Hard to function in heat even inside.

So what’s been going on? The weekend after our trip was a festival on long island. I met someone who got me in touch with a school for students with disabilities…stay tuned. Leave Sunday for my favorate week of year. JONI AND FRIENDS.

7 July, 2019 12:42

Part 2. …Things. In richmond we visited my cousin and her new baby. We discovered that i could interact best by laying down beside her. Yesterday we did mount vernon. Which is actuall the most visit house in the US. Jeff joined us for that. Almost home. Think i’ll bike to pool today. Save emails for tomorrow.

7 July, 2019 12:42

Been on vacation since a week ago friday. Driving last leg today. That’s right, road trip.
Started with Monticello and seeing my old pt and family. Then what should have been a 3.5hrs drive to my aunt and uncle turned into 9.5hrs+ because a moving truck caught fire. …At least i can cross walking on the highway off my bucket list… After two nights w my aunt where we went ziplining and heard more than my share of dad jokes, we drove to asheville via the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The Blue Ridge Parkway is a slow mountain route but is very scenic with a ton of waterfalls to HIKE to. We estimate that i HIKED at least 1.5mi …Found that i do more when it’s actual hiking… My favorite day of trip.
In asheville we stayed at the biltmore. Which a vanderbilt estate. The biggest and 2nd most visit house in the US. We also did a food tour, trolley tour, and visit an Eco village that i am suppose to edit a documentary about. On our drive to Richmond i was able to watch season 3 of Stranger

23 June, 2019 16:51

Starting my summer post series, ‘Live from the Pool’. Naps have now become a normal pool activity.

I’ve been sorta feeling bah the last 5-6days. Low energy and dull headache. However it was my unoffical last week dealing with the day-to-day stuff of In My Eyes.

Starting tomorrow I will start work on the research for my next project. I am thinking about a movie on what happens to those people with disabilities who went to college. My working name is ‘BA in Disabled’.

17 June, 2019 08:56

Well this may be a first i can’t do the swamp today because i can’t get into my lowest gear set… Kinda need those. My bike guy Peter is terrific. Ever since the bike shop closed he’s been coming to my house whenever I need a fix. Hope to have a big update for you this weekend.

2 June, 2019 17:56

Summer is a time when things start happening. We have all the outdoor activities. It brings a break from the slow and mundane life we all lead…most of us anyway.
My first week of summer has seen me get out of the rut that I’ve been in since after the first round of festivals. I talked with my partner wed, who needs time off. I am finally going to interview the PR candidates early this week.
After those were set i figured out that i need to slow down a bit. Stop the job search. Instead I am going to explore a idea for a new film. STAY TUNED…

Bike PSA

I was passed on my way home Sunday by two teenage boys on bikes. What drew my attention to them was the fact that they were not just wearing helmets, but the straps were in the proper place. (extra points for doing Princeton guys)

…Sad that that is what stood out. It pains me to see all these kids, and adults, riding without helmets on. I get it guys, there was a time when I did not want too wear on either. However, I know seasoned riders who have been biking longer than I’ve been alive who have had some very bad falls. For those who wear one but with a loose strap, that may even be more dangerous than riding without one.

Please wear your helmets & tighten the strap.

At last Memorial Day Weekend is here. The best place in any town during the summer opens. In less than 24hrs. However first year in a few that I’m not going away, so tomorrow I’m taking my bike out to Lamberville which is along the delaware river. There is an 80 some odd bike path on both sides of it. I’ll be happy if we do 15mi. Gravel, even when flat is harder too ride than pavement. And most likely way i’ll go across the country.